Digital Lake treats our customers' systems with respect, efficiency, and vigilance. We can make your system work for you, not the other way around.

Helpdesk and Support

Our helpdesk provides you with prompt support from experienced professionals. Whether you need online or on-location solutions, we're prepared to help you with any and every question you might have about your systems.
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Proactive Maintenance

We clean and update your systems consistently, providing your technology with longer lifespans and faster operation while keeping your staff frustration-free.

Status Monitoring

With our IT tools and vigilance, we're able to detect potential threats to your system and inform you promptly whenever something requires your attention.

We keep an eye on internal and external factors such as:

security alerts                                                    
hardware aging                                                  
user security risks                                           
system inefficiencies                                     

We utilize 'EDR: Endpoint Detection Response Technology', which maps a team member's regular activity and informs us when outlier events occur.

Cybersecurity and Anti-Virus

Every business is at risk of losing their data to digital threats. However, businesses can minimize that risk by improving their cybersecurity. Digital Lake specializes in making sure your company and data remain secure. We arm your business with:
robust anti-virus and anti-malware protocols
data management systems for internal security
onsite training to reduce human error
the most advanced anti-cyber-attack software and technology on the market

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

Your business's data is precious. What happens to that data in the event of disaster? Digital Lake is ready with the tools and expertise to keep your information safe in every instance, disasters included.

We take multiple steps to safeguard your data against disaster. Some of those steps involve:
executing backup restore tests to ensure your backup information is completely functional
storing data in multiple geographic locations (minding legal restrictions such as those imposed by the GDPR)
including backups for your service providers(such as Microsoft365)

“We look forward to meeting you!”

David Anderson, CEO of Digital Lake Inc.
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