About Us

Digital Lake Inc. has served businesses in Winsted, Minnesota and the surrounding region as a Managed Service Provider for over 20 years. Our goal is to be an IT partner that our customers can truly rely on for great service and expertise.

From our 'no lock-in contract' policy and advanced cybersecurity to our dedicated staff and years of experience, we put in the effort to meet any and every technological need our customers have. You can count on us to help keep you protected and carefree.

Our Services

We prioritize three pillars of a true full-service technology partner: reliable infrastructure, daily management, and proactive optimization.
Every business requires a technology structure that allows smooth communication between staff and devices. At Digital Lake, we help our customers decide what IT structures and tools serve them best. We make the necessary effort to provide and install each available advantage to you and your business.
Our clients benefit from prompt support, maintenance, and security monitoring for their every IT need. Digital Lake's expert staff are always prepared to anticipate, respond to, and manage scenarios relevant to our clients' data and businesses.
Any MSP can provide basic management services, but it takes an observant and creative group like Digital Lake to really help a business get ahead of their technology. We customize our service to each one of our clients, making sure your business has what it needs to tackle daily IT concerns as well as build more efficient strategies for the future. Our customers can rely on us not just to protect their business, but to dedicate effort towards that business' growth and overall advancement.

Come meet us!

If we come to work together, you can count on us to keep you protected and carefree at all times. Our team cares about their work - and about the relationships they have with the people they work for.

Our team is small, but highly knowledgeable and you can approach us for both the simplest and most complex matters.

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